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The Military Resale Small Business Coalition (MRSBC) proactively protects, champions, and elevates military commissaries and exchanges by equipping military small businesses with tools and information to thrive and expand, thereby ensuring their highest likelihood of success


Welcome to the online home of the Military Resale Small Business Coalition, where we celebrate the vital role of small businesses within the $20 billion Military Resale Channel. Here, we spotlight how these enterprises fuel growth and innovation within the military community, fostering economic prosperity in local areas.

While each military small business may seem like a small component, their collective impact is immense, accounting for one-third of the total sales revenue and thousands of jobs in the channel.

star_abstract_khakiAbout Us

The Military Resale Small Business Coalition (MRSBC) is a non-profit organization that brings together small businesses with a common mission: to promote and support military commissaries and exchanges worldwide. Committed to upholding the highest standards of business ethics, MRSBC strives to serve its membership as a reliable source of accurate information and guidance.

By employing the following strategies, we aim to fulfill our mission of safeguarding, advocating for, and elevating military commissaries and exchanges and empowering small businesses in the military channel to thrive and prosper.

Advocacy: We advocate for the interests and needs of small businesses within the military channel by engaging with relevant authorities, policymakers, and stakeholders. This includes representing our members’ concerns and priorities at all levels of government and within the military community.

Assistance: A range of support services, including essential information, and expert guidance to assist our Small Business membership in effectively navigating the distinctive challenges and opportunities presented by military commissaries and exchanges. Our support includes timely updates on customer opportunities, facilitating communication and collaboration among small businesses, distributors, and military customers, as well as providing consultations to enhance small business administration practices.

Networking and Collaboration: Cultivating connections and encouraging cooperation among our members, provides a platform to exchange insights, share best practices, and explore growth opportunities within our coalition. Through our network, small businesses have the opportunity to empower each another, amplifying the influence and collective effectiveness of small business.

Market Expansion: Explore ways to expand the reach of small businesses in the military channel, by seeking out new markets and customers. This involves initiatives to promote small business products and services to a wider audience.

Advancement of Sound Business Practices: We emphasize the importance of ethical, efficient, and sustainable business practices among our members. Encouraging responsible entrepreneurship helps small businesses thrive while maintaining the integrity of the military resale ecosystem.

Research and Analysis: A better understanding of the evolving landscape of military commissaries and exchanges is gained by gathering research and data, and disseminating for our membership. This information helps us adapt our strategies and initiatives to meet the changing needs of our members.

Engagement with Military Community: We actively engage with the military community to build relationships and partnerships that benefit small businesses. This includes collaborating with Capital Hill, the military resale leadership, and other organizations to promote the success of our small business and our members.

star_abstract_khaki Leadership

The Military Resale Small Business Coalition (MRSBC) is a non-profit organization that unites small businesses that share the same goals to market [sell] and sustain [service] military commissaries and exchanges around the world.  Insisting only on the soundest business practices MRSBC seeks to be a source of truth and information.

The MRSBC Board and Founding Members

JENNIFER  Chairman of the Board

MILT  Chairman Emeritus

JOHN  Founding Board Member

An investor, entrepreneur, and former military and civilian Food Channels business owner. Vast retail, and business experience in Fortune 250 companies, startups, and diverse ventures. BSBA from Minnesota State University with five majors, MRSBC Founding Board Member, CRP

KENT  Board Member

TIFFANY  Board member

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